We improve the Google positioning of your company

Improve your SEO or web positioning in Google and other search engines and spread your activity better!

We understand that Web Positioning goes beyond simple page optimization. We create unique strategies to achieve those unattainable positions and that your company can generate more sales and customers.

At NETSGS We have experts in the organic positioning of your website. For this it is necessary to do a comprehensive engineering from the birth of your Internet page taking into account the most detailed details in the writing of texts, images, videos, etc. Necessary to achieve a natural positioning of your Internet site in the main search engines.

Community Management

We have a group of specialized editors who can generate relevant and quality content that will enhance the image and presence of your project on different social networks. We also offer monthly subscriptions for managing network accounts, which will ensure content flow and speed of response to the concerns and comments of your users.

NETSGS positioning plans for Google and other search engines are divided into the following phases:
  • In-depth analysis of your website and the websites of your competitors in terms of programming, positioning and content.
  • Analysis and study of the key words and phrases suggested by the client and those used by the competition. Choice of keywords to rank in Google based on main keywords and long tail application.
  • Optimization of the programming code of all your web pages.
  • Control of the statistics of visits of your web pages via Google Analytics.
  • Design of the most suitable Web 2.0 strategy
  • Registration of your web pages in the main search engines (Google, Bing, etc).
  • Positioning.
  • Subsequent follow-up and monitoring and continuous optimization of your web pages.

One of the main points for a successful positioning of a website is a correct programming of the website and its monitoring. This includes multiple technical parameters to take into account when programming the web. From content in accordance with the services offered by the client to the correct implementation of labels or the use of sitemaps in xml specific to Google.

Maintaining ongoing optimization work is also key to better positioning. The off-web optimization of the website by the search engines periodically adjusting the keywords to the web.

NETSGS position web pages respecting Google's recommendations

Services for SEO

Technical Review

Audit, rectification of errors, optimization and correction of errors.

Control de Posiciones

We follow their ranking in Google, Yahoo, Bing (2 keywords)

External Promotion

Social promotion, thematic links, local citations, classifieds

Publications of Blog

Publish 2 articles about your business in blogs with high traffic.

Content Creation

We will create original content, articles of 250 words each.


2 consultation sessions per month (10 minutes each).

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